Cyfuse Policy

Medical Ethics

As people engaged in the development of medical technology, we prioritize patient welfare and medical ethics.

Open Innovation

We will do our utmost to develop and make practical use of revolutionary technologies through extensive collaboration with company and non-company professionals to address unmet medical needs.
We are not satisfied with the current scenario. Hence, every one of us is always thinking about and is dedicated to actually creating new value for patients and medical/research settings.


We respect each other as individuals, and keep an open mind about different cultures and ways of thinking.
We do not judge anyone on the basis of nationality, beliefs, religion, gender, age, interests, educational background, or social status; everyone works together as one team in the pursuit of excellence.


We have a high regard for taking the initiative and for thinking and acting on one’s own without unduly worrying about failing.


Everything we do is based on a full understanding of, and is fully compliant with, all relevant regulations and rules; our actions are guided by a deep sense of ethics. We are mindful that, to the rest of the world, we represent the company, and are therefore committed to acting in good faith and with integrity.


We are committed to developing technologies, products, and business services that are useful all around the world from a global perspective, and seek to transcend national borders.

Sustainable Growth

Our goal is sustainable growth.
Therefore, everything we do must meet the highest standards of quality; at the same time, we still try to reduce the costs of everything we do in order to offer reasonably priced products and services.


1.Public Research Spending Management System

Our stringent management system ensures the proper use and management of public research funding, prevents unintentionally fraudulent use of public research funds by researchers, and promotes unbiased research.

2.Transparency in Joint Activities with Medical Institutions, etc.

We are also committed to ensuring further transparency, such as through the use of conflict of interest policies, in our own research activities as well as in joint activities with universities and other research institutes and medical facilities, and we have established “Guidelines for Ensuring Transparency of Corporate Activities and Relationships with Medical Institutions” as per voluntary rules in the industry to ensure that the rules are fully understood and strictly followed, and to maintain a high standard of ethics and transparency.